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What is Return of Aetheria?

Return of Aetheria is an exciting game that incorporates aspects of alternate and augmented reality together through its story and methods of gameplay. This is presented to players through a variety of technology, from simple card games to huge touchscreen tables and all the way up to an immersive Oculus Rift experience. Players take part by solving puzzles, playing games, and seeking out clues all in the attempt to progress through the story and further their scores to win awesome prizes.

Photo From PopCon

What began in 2013 as a partnership between the School of Informatics and the various gaming conventions of Indianapolis, Return of Aetheria has flourished into the Media Arts & Science game production class, giving more students a chance to experience the process of making a game. Through the MAS game production class, students from different practices such as 3D, art, audio, game design, programming, video, and social media, come together to craft an ambitious, innovative game and gain real-world experience at the same time.

Our Past

In the beginning, the epic story of Return of Aetheria was brought to the world by players discovering that magic, or “aetheria” as it was once known, was sealed away long ago in an attempt to protect it from evil. Players worked together with an entity called Espir to revive magic back into our world. In 2014, Return of Aetheria: War of Realms, the second installment, transported players to the realm of Aetheria, where a war waged between two factions over the right to wield magic. This quarreling allowed for the fall of their civilization, a quarrel engineered by the same Espir that deceived players into reopening a portal to Aetheria in the first chapter. The chaos from the war allowed for Espir to open a second portal, one to a realm much more twisted and insidious than any we have ever known, to summon his dark, shadowy master. And now, 2015 will see the third and final installment of the RoA series – Return of Aetheria: Rise of Nether.


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The War

Return of Aetheria: War of Realms ended with the Earth Realm in a state of chaos. What began as a conflict between Roxxy and Nereida over the right for Earth to wield, or be banned from, the use of magical power resulted in a war that escalated faster than either anticipated. Espir, who all along deceived players into helping him reopen a portal to Aetheria, worked to push the conflict to the extreme.

The chaos of the resulting battles allowed Espir to stabilize a portal to the Great Beyond, a nightmarish realm inhabited by the shadowy being, Nether. After manipulating both forces in the war, Espir succeeding in bringing all champions of Aetheria into a single battlefield. Here he cast a spell of corruption, binding all champions to him so they would obey his will…all except the spirit champion, Roxxy. Now Nereida, Sun Wujie, Ah’Kin, and Irisi, once elemental champions of Aetheria who fought to preserve and protect [something or other], fight alongside Espir and Nether as minions of chaos.

Student Aetheria Artwork

A Force Of Evil

Nether is a being as ancient as Aetheria herself. Where Aetheria creates and provides the life force within all living beings, Nether is the opposition. He is a being of pure evil, fueled by destroying and consuming life, such as the kind found plentifully in Aetheria, as well as on Earth. However, Nether has not yet passed into Aetheria, as the gateway to his realm is not yet strong enough to allow him through. But he is coming, and his arrival will result in the end of everything we have known.

For now he is sealed away in Great Beyond, using Espir as his puppet in the realms he cannot yet enter. Though Nether is not yet in Aetheria, his presence can be felt throughout the land, with the lands twisting and changing, the creatures becoming more aggressive and dangerous, and the once-proud champions of Aetheria now sowing chaos in the name of their new dark master.

Will you be our next champion?

The world of Aetheria lies in ruins, and if Nether continues his path of destruction, our world will surely be next. It is up to you to save the once beautiful world of Aetheria and restore peace to the land. Join the fight! Master your element! Help us defeat Espir, destroy Nether, and take back the realm of Aetheria!


Year One

Ali Baba’s Café, Bandi Namco Games, Bonefish Grill, City Yoga, Dejobaan Games, Devolver Digital, Drinkbox Studios, Evanced Games, Frozenbyte, Gamers Guild, IDW Publishing, Klei, Paradox Interactive, RPG Games, SEGA, Steve Jackson Games, Sun King Brewery, They Bleed Pixels, YoYo Games

Year Two:

Paradox Interactive AB, Bonefish Grill, Slugfest Games, Tethys Interactive, llc, ISG, USG, Joe Defazio